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Delta Standard Poodles Pedigrees

Our dogs have excellent pedigrees!

      We, at Delta's Standard Poodles, would like to thank each of the 'Handlers' who presented our dogs so beautifully and did so well in the show rings on our behalf. Look for them with one of our gorgeous dogs at the end of the lead.

      We would also like to take this time to thank all of the "Judge's", over these many years, who have found our dogs to be worthy of awards.


"Homebred Champions"

"Call Name"

  Ch. Dacun Delta First Class "FC"
Ch. Delta's Excess Baggage "Babbs"
Ch. Dacun Who's The Boss "Tony"
Ch. Delta's Fasten Your Seat Belt "Fannie"
Ch. Delta's Frequent Flyer "Frieda"
Ch. Delta's Paper Chase "Chase"
Ch. Delta's Baggage Handler "Magilla"
Ch. Delta's Come Fly With Me "Lila"
Ch. Delta's Flying High "Angel"
Ch. Delta's Touched By An Angel "Faith"
Ch. Delta's Marry Me And Fly Free "Delta"
Ch. Delta's We Love To Fly "Amelia"
Ch. Delta's I'm A Fly Boy "Skye"
Ch. Delta's Midnight Flight "Onyx"
Ch. Delta's Honeymoon "Danny Boy"
Ch. Delta's New Kid On The Block "Jordon"
Ch. Chase Delta's Radar Beacon "Radar"
Ch. Delta's Weekend Traveler "Savannah"
Ch. Delta's Has A Spell On You "Dale"
Ch. Delta's Captain In Control - View Pedigree. "Denver"
Ch. Delta's Coffee Tea or Me "Java"
Ch. Delta's Glory Be Brown "Zack"
Ch. Delta's Where The Buzz Begins "Sedona"
Ch. Delta's Dreams Come True "Aurora"
Ch. Delta's Born To Fly "Brazil"
Ch. Delta's Got To Be The One "Geneva"
Ch. Delta's Rue de la Paix "Roux"
Ch. Delta's Satisfaction Jet Propelled "Jet"
Ch. Delta's Lone Star Luck "Luca"
Ch. Delta's Flying In Style "Vienna"
*Ch. Delta's Magnificent Obsession "Maggie"
*Ch. Dacun Lady Liberty "Libby"
*Ch. Dacun Fairview New Love "Amanda"
* *Can Ch. Criterian Play Among The Stars "Roxanne"
* - Denotes our Delta Standard Poodles we finished to Championship but did not breed.
* * - Denotes our Delta Standard Poodles Canadian Champions.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
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