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Our Puppies

      The Delta Standard Poodles puppies receive lots of love and attention from the day they are born. They get lots of sunshine, exercise and the best of nutrition in order to insure a good and healthy start in life. We welcome the opportunity to keep in contact with all of our new puppy owners. The goal for every puppy is to have a happy, healthy life and bring happiness and love to the new owners.

      The breeding dogs have been x-rayed and rated by OFA or PENN Hip for the hips, have eyes checked at a veterinary Ophthalmologist, Diplomate of ACVO, DNA for vonWillebrand's Disease, skin punch for Sebaceous Adenitis, blood work for thyroid to be sure the thyroid function is normal and finally, titers for Distemper and Parvo.

      Socialization of puppies is most important. We spend time with each of our puppies... loving them and playing with them. They are paper trained and go outside if weather permits. They are accustomed to crates for further training. All our puppies live right here in our home with us until the time when they leave with their new family.

      Our puppies are veterinary checked at birth and again before they leave our home for yours. They have appropriate vaccinations and wormed (if needed). Puppies are sold on a spay/neuter agreement only and limited registration. Puppies are placed with families/individuals appropriate for each puppy. We like to have ongoing contact with our families during the growing up period and long, long after.


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Taking a rest White puppies Simply Adorable!

Wanting some attention. Chasing each other! The Winner!

Taking a break. Having fun together!

Hoolie and Gonzo Gandalf

Ludwig in the snow! Ludwig holding his Santa! Ludwig resting with toys!


Our Newborn Puppies

      For more information and to view the pictures of our Delta Standard Poodles Newborn Puppies, Click here: "Newborn Puppies".

Our Puppy Family

      For more information and to view the pictures of our Delta Standard Poodles Puppy Family, Click here: "Our Puppy Family".

Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
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